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If you have more questions about how our quick online service works, read through these questions:

What happens if I have a bad credit rating?

When your credit is bad, it can make it more difficult to get quick cash loans. If you go the conventional route, you’ll run into a lot of red tape and complications. However, you can simply send your online request form to The Bad Credit Loans and get help. We will submit your request to an extensive group of online lenders who may be able to help you out with a bad credit loan. To find out, send us your inquiry form today.

What is a bad credit rating – how do I know?

There is a scoring method that is an industry standard in determining someone’s credit rating. Using the FICO system, any credit score that comes in under 620 is usually considered to be bad. The way FICO measures the score is by taking factors such as your payment history and how much you owe currently into account. If your payment history is bad or you have a lot of debt, you would not have a favorable score.

If my credit rating is bad, is there a way that I can be approved for a loan?

If you have a bad credit rating but need a quick loan today, start by sending in a request to The Bad Credit Loans. We have a staff available that can help you in finding a lender who accepts bad credit applicants. The lender will want to analyze your past payment history as well as your current financial situation when pre-approving your loan or preparing an offer. Keep in mind, however, that because your credit rating is bad, you might be asked to supply additional documents proving that you will be able to repay a bad credit loan. This is how the lender can lessen the risk when approving loans for a consumer that has a bad credit history. You will get a quick credit review when you send in your bad credit loan request form.

How can a bad credit score be improved?

The simple answer to that is to always make sure your payments are sent and received before their due date. After building up a reputation of being a person who pays bills on time, your credit history will show improvement. In addition to that, if you owe a lot of money, start paying that down. A combination of a good payment record and low debt should help your credit score.

Who can help me with my bad credit score?

There are organizations that have financial counselors to help people who have gotten into financial trouble and have a bad credit score. Seek out financial professionals in your area by checking their references, reading local reviews and asking friends and colleagues. Once you find a reputable counselor that you feel comfortable with, go over your bill paying history, your spending habits and your current amount of debt. Your counselor can give you practical tips and pointers to reducing your debt, increasing your credit rating and maintaining a good credit history.

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